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Info board for our latest API novelty

New features

7th March 2024
  • Creditworthiness proactive alerts: be notified when buyer's creditworthiness has improved. An implementation example is available in this tutorial.
  • Business decisions status codes: Cover v3 API documentation now provide the exhaustive list of business decisions codes.
  • Bulk retrieval of company grades:  receive the credit scores of clients for whom cover requests have been made within the last 12 months. Discover it here.
  • Webhook on Covers: receive notifications in real time as soon as a decision is taken related to a cover request. See available guidelines

New APIs added

24th January 2024
  • Company Grade API: retrieve the creditworthiness (grade) of your clients after a cover request, bulk operations available. See details under API catalogue
  • Payment Overdues API: report a payment overdue, request a payment extension period or rescheduling. An implementation example is available in this tutorial

New servicing tools

8th December 2023
  • Demo-Orchestration: watch this video for a glimpse of how our APIs work
  • Sandbox: import one of the two collections into Postman and play with them
  • Monitor daily cover changes with bulk operations in 5' thanks to this tutorial 
containers management

Coming APIs

15th October 2023
  • Policy management API : retrieve list of policies and to create joint insured policies. Planned on Q2 2024
  • Claim management API : monitor your submitted claims (different from payment overdue). Planned on Q2 2024

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