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APIsing your credit risk insurance management

Use our APIs to automate and streamline your credit risk management processes

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Great benefits to integrate our APIs into your system

Productivity & Reliability

Save time and safeguard against human errors. Automate the process of importing credit limit and cover information to your IT system. Increase your efficiency to focus only on Credit Risk Management.


Use the data provided by our APIs to design your bespoke credit management tools, and to manage your credit risks without undermining your sales potential (e.g., cover and grade alerts, payment follow-up, KPI indicators, data exploration, business intelligence, etc).

Global View

Gather client-related data into one single system: commercial, risk profile, credit limits authorization, cover consumption, outstanding, billing, payment behaviors, etc. Use this data to support your decisions and find the right balance between business development and risk management.

Business lines & Technical solutions

Below are our three major business lines. Each of them has corresponding APIs as a technical solution set. We provide handy and detailed tutorials to help you integrate them step by step.

Trade Credit Insurance

Protect yourself against the non-payment risks from your clients. Identify your prospects or clients, and monitor your credit limits; all from your own IT system.


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Are you an e-commerce merchant or a financial service provider? Ensure your online B2B trade. Get real-time credit underwriting on a transaction-per-transaction basis.                               


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Surety - Guarantee

Support and protect the contractual obligations you have entered into with a customer, supplier, or partner. Guarantee to your party that you abide by the terms established by the bond.                                                           


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Integration steps

1. Get started and test APIs


2. Organize workshops between your functional and technical teams

3. Write specifications, build prototype, and execute your test plan

4. Go live



Bollore Logistics

Feed our credit risk management app with fresh data by APIs

We chose to automate our data exchange flow with Allianz Trade several years ago, in order to save time and to optimize the management of our credit risks and insurance contracts.

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About us

We are the global leader in trade credit insurance and a recognised specialist in the areas of surety, collections, structured trade credit and political risk.

We are Allianz. We are here to make insurance simple for you.