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Manage your Trade Credit Insurance contracts through our APIs!

We are happy to help you digitize our data exchange and boost your credit risk management capacity !

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What's Trade Credit Insurance (TCI)?

As a company, you sell goods or services to multiple corporate clients. For the majority of them, you can’t get cash payment and have to grant a payment term, bearing therefore payment risks on your receivables. Trade Credit Insurance protects companies against that risk: your commercial customers’ inability to pay, whether because of bankruptcy, insolvency, or political upheaval in countries where your trade partner operates.

 Allianz Trade is the world leader in trade credit insurance (TCI). Our proprietary intelligence network analyses daily changes in +80 million corporates solvency. The lifecycle of a TCI policy includes cover request, cover monitoring, grade monitoring, overdue declaration, claim filing, debt collection and claim indemnity.


PH: Policy holders or our clients. Policy: TCI contracts.
Buyers: Corporate clients of our PHs. Covers: credit limit that Allianz Trade guarantees on your buyers
Grade: rating range on the creditworthiness of your buyers.  

    What are our functional products within TCI? (only for loggedIn users)


    We provide multiple types of TCI products. Your broker knows which product is included in your contract. To get details of each product with integration tutorials, please log in.

    Named Cover

    Trade Credit Insurance


    Apply standard cover requests with amounts and benefit from our risk monitoring!

    Product detailsTutorial

    ND Cover

    Trade Credit Insurance

    ND = Non dénommé

    For policy holders of Allianz Trade France on French buyers. Binary answer without amount.

    Product details Tutorial

    Grade Based Cover

    Trade Credit Insurance

    Simplified cover product

    buyer grade (1 to10) => prefixed cover amount (xk$)

    Product details Tutorial

    Payment Overdues

    Trade Credit Insurance


    Manage the lifecycle of your payment overdues (≠claims)

    Product detailsTutorial

    Grade monitoring Service

    Information products


    Monitor the creditworthiness of your buyers without requesting a cover!

    (also known as Grade Check)

    Product details Tutorial

    Grade Service

    Information products


    Check the creditworthiness of your buyers/suppliers on a one-shot basis!

    Product detailsTutorial

    Watch our Demo-Orchestration, and import one of the two Sandbox collections into Postman for easier integration!

    Get a glimpse of our APIs through Demo-Orchestration and adapt our two Sandbox collections to your needs!

    Only for authorized and logged-in users.


    Use TCI Products to



    • Get your receivables assured by getting a credit limit (covers),

    • Check the creditworthiness grade,

    • Monitor the creditworthiness risks of your clients or suppliers.


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    API exploration journey for TCI

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    About us

    We are the global leader in trade credit insurance and a recognised specialist in the areas of surety, collections, structured trade credit and political risk.

    We are Allianz. We are here to make insurance simple for you.