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Trade Credit Insurancev 1.0.0

Welcome to the Allianz Trade API world!


We are happy to help you digitize our data exchange through APIs, and boost your Risk Management capacity to the next level!

Productivity & Reliability

Currently, you manually take credit limit/cover information from our client portal to update your own IT system, that's time consuming and human errors might happen.

By automating that process, you save time to focus on Credit Risk Management, and to increase your efficiency.


API works likes a conveying pipe, and brings mass data (not water or oil) into your system.

Like a Master Chef, with all these ingredients, you can design various credit management tools: bespoke alerts, KPI indicators, data exploration, business intelligence, etc...All to proactively manage your credit risks without undermining your sales potential.

Global View

Thanks to API integration, you can have all client related data into one system: commercial, risk profile, credit limits authorization, cover consumption, outstanding, billing, payment behavious, etc...

The more data you have, the more relevant could be your decisions to find the right balance between business development and risk management.

What's Trade Credit Insurance (TCI)?

As a company, you sell goods or services to multiple corporate clients. For the majority of them, you can’t get cash payment and have to grant a payment term, bearing therefore payment risks on your receivables. TCI protects companies against that risk: your commercial customers’ inability to pay, whether because of bankruptcy, insolvency, or political upheaval in countries where your trade partner operates.

In Allianz Trade, we call our clients Policy Holders (PH), bound to us through a TCI contract; corporate clients of our policy holders are called buyers in our jargon.

What are our functional products within TCI?

We provide five types of TCI products.

They are not applicable to all PHs, and your broker or Allianz Trade account manager can inform you on products under your contract.

This business product is available within all our business units. Named Cover means everything is known by both parties: insurer and policy holders (PH).

PH applies a cover (credit limit) request on one buyer with an amount, Allianz Trade answers that request with an amount, a decision code (agreement, partial agreement or refusal), and a reason code for restrictive decisions. 

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About us

We are the global leader in trade credit insurance and a recognised specialist in the areas of surety, collections, structured trade credit and political risk.


We are Allianz. We are here to make insurance simple for you.